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Communication Sciences and Disorders Laboratories at Adelphi

Students are encouraged to participate in our research projects.

The Voice and Quality of Life Laboratory (VQLL)

Director: Dr. Steven Cox

The Voice and Quality of Life Laboratory (VQLL) at Adelphi University seeks to investigate clinically-based research questions focused on the human voice and how voice disorders can impact individuals’ physical, psychological, and social functioning. Particular emphasis is placed on individuals who undergo treatment for head and neck cancer. For example, individuals who have their voice box removed due to cancer often require an alternate method of speaking (e.g., ‘alaryngeal’ voice and speech). As a result, they can experience numerous changes in physical, psychological and social functioning. The VQLL focuses on the role of speech-language pathology and inter-professional intervention toward improving the quality of life for individuals with voice disorders, including laryngectomees.

The Language Observation and Analysis Laboratory

Director: Dr. Dana Battaglia

The Language Observation and Analysis Laboratory is located in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, at Adelphi University. It houses behavioral monitoring equipment, such as E-prime software, and SALT. Research at the LOA Lab focuses on examining the nature of word associations in typical and clinical populations. At present, the focus of the lab is to investigate word association in individuals with ASD, using both behavioral (explicit) and neurophysiological (implicit) methods.

Neurophysiology lab at AdelphiNeurophysiology in Speech Language Pathology Lab (NSLP)

Director: Dr. Reem Khamis-Dakwar

Research at the NSLP Lab focuses on examining the neural underpinnings of language learning in specific sociolinguistic situations, specific communication and language disorders, as well as during rehabilitation using event-related potentials (ERPs) recorded from 32 electrode arrays placed on the scalp combined with behavioral data.

Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) Lab

Director: Dr. Cindy Arroyo

To provide evaluations/consultations for individuals with severe communication impairments. To provide opportunities for teaching and research in the use of technology for individuals with severe communication impairments.

Speech Science Lab

Director: Dr. Lawrence Raphael

Dr. Lawrence Raphael, the co-author of the seminal textbook, Speech Science Primer, and Research Associate at Haskins Lab, directs this lab. Hardware and software are used to perform acoustic analyses of speech perception and production, as well as evaluations of respiration, phonation, and resonation for research and clinical purposes.


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