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Supporting faculty and student research activities.

Current Projects

The Effects of VitalStim® in Dysphagia Secondary to a Stroke

  • VitalStim® is a non-invasive, external electrical stimulation therapy for the treatment of swallowing disorders. VitalStim®, in combination with traditional therapy, allows clinicians to accelerate strengthening, restore function, and help the brain remap the swallow.

The Use of Electropalatography Intervention with Children Diagnosed with Articulation Disorders

  • Electropalatography (EPG) is a technique for recording the timing and location of tongue contact with the roof of the mouth during speech. EPG requires the speaker to wear an artificial palate which is similar to an orthodontic brace. Usually in speech and language therapy the patient relies on auditory feedback (listening to the sounds and words he or she is producing) to modify his speech. With EPG therapy the patient also has the advantage of visual feedback.

Case Studies in Articulation and Phonological Disorders in Children

Do the Nurturance Characteristics of the Carer Influence Their Communication Style with the Patient with Aphasia? (In collaboration with Dr. Sands and Kaitlin Dondorf)

The Effects of a Long Term Rehabilitation Program on Patients with Stroke (In collaboration with Dr. Slavin, LIU Post)

Student Projects

The Effects of a Modified Yoga Breathing Program on the Fluency Skills and Self-Perception of an Individual Who Stutters (Selene Gatzonis)

Surface Electromyography (sEMG) Used as a Biofeedback Instrument During Dysphagia Therapy in Post-Stroke Patients (Lauren Farrell)

For more information or to inquire about research opportunities, please contact:

Renee Fabus, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, TSHH
Associate Professor
p – 516.877.4769 (office)
p – 516.877.4063 (lab)
e –

Au.D. Consortium
Offered through Adelphi, Hofstra and St. John's Universities.
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