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Communication Sciences and Disorders

Adelphi University Communication Sciences and Disorders Degrees


Instilling respect and understanding for communication disabilities.

The mission of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) is aligned with the School of Education’s Conceptual Framework which includes six core values: scholarship, reflective practice, social justice, inclusive community, wellness, and creativity. The department interpreted these values for CSD students and professionals.

What we believe

  • CSD professionals must be scholar-clinicians who value and engage in lifelong learning.
  • Learning should take place in meaningful contexts that include opportunities for supported reflection.
  • It is our role as CSD professionals to serve as advocates for all of our clients, regardless of age, disability, socioeconomic status, or ethnic background.
  • CSD students must be able to deliver culturally and linguistically sensitive services to people with disabilities across the lifespan. The best clinical decisions occur when professionals and families collaborate.
  • Learning is holistic: that we must assess and treat the whole person, not just the disorder. In addition, we teach about preventative and early interventions that can help minimize the severity of certain disorders.
  • In the value of creativity in professional practice, especially in motivating interventions and nurturing the whole person.

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